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Hello, I made gameplay video about your game. I like it, simple game, fun. But, it only need more level.

Note: Sorry if my English is bad.


I think the levels are included as a text file in the game folder.. I got stuck coming up with interesting challenges (especially in the short timeframe of LD).. But if you come up with more levels I'll gladly include them!

neat idea! are you planning to revisit/expand this at all? it's pretty hard to read what's going on right now and there are some little ui changes i'd love to see (for clarifying what's going on, but also -- it'd be really nice to have a tiny queue that at least shows what's coming up next so I don't have to think about my next move from scratch every time. i find it pretty mentally taxing!)

Hi, Thanks for the comment! I actually already built a slightly improved version but haven't had the chance to upload it yet. You're definitely right that it is 'vague' at best. I'm also considering finding a level designer to help me out with creating a couple more sensible levels.


I'd be really interested in a sandboxy mode that lets me play around with weird city compositions a bit more

Which, now that I think about it, may run parallel to a desire to design levels for it...

What's it made in?

Well, if you look in the game's folder, you can edit all the levels and the rules of the game. That's about as sandbox as it gets, except it's in a textfile ;). Then when you start the game it will load up those levels.

I'll also upload the new version today :)